Tuesday, August 10, 2004

How to Guard Your Heart

Written some time last week, modified 10/08/04 at 19:43

One day my friend asked me,
How will you guard your heart?
I thought for a while,
Realised I had no clear idea.
But then it came to me.
Of course.
God is the key!
So now I tell you
How to guard your heart.
Number One:
Look to God,
Seek Him first.
And He alone
Shall guide you through the rest.

Banging My Head Against the Wall

Written on 08/08/04 at 01:21 AM.

Why do you keep banging
Your head against the wall,
A friend asked me.
The same reason you do too,
I replied.
So I would put on a mask?
And smile to you,
Pretending it doesn’t matter.
Can I ever face you honestly again?
I guess not, not while
My insides still churn
At the thought of you.
As I told another friend,
I can never force my heart
To feel what it does not,
Nor force it to unfeel
What it does.

Monday, August 09, 2004

The One

Written 07/08/04 at 11:30, modified 09/08/04 at 16:52

His presence makes my heart beat and pound
Like a drum it responds to his rhythms.
His touch electrifies and penetrates
Like a knife through soft butter to my very core.
His kiss warms all of my being
Like sunshine embracing cold bodies.
His love brings me to great heights
I never knew existed.
He makes me want him
More and more by the day.
I am mesmerized, entranced.
I am sold out, addicted.
I am into him, head over heels.
I am caught, hook, line, sinker.
I cannot get out of this again.
I don’t want to.
There is no reason to.
Because of him, I live.
Because of him, I love.
Because of him, I am.
He is my everything.
He is mine as I am his.
He is my Jesus.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Grasping the Nettle

Written 04/08 at 02:46, modified at 17:24

Quickly now,
You’ve made up your mind
Now do it!
Before you lose courage
Grasp the nettle—
You know you must.
Firmly now,
You’ve got the strength
Now do it!
Before you lose will
Grasp the nettle—
You know you have to.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Written 30/07/04 at 03:31 AM.

my mind races
word chasing word
still, heart.
i am afraid
even to immortalize
this fleeting thing
in a poem.

Monday, August 02, 2004


Written 02/08/04

ethereal traces
you leave on me
treasured like jewels
in my secret coffer
from time to time
i take them out
and admire them
roll them in my palms
these delightful baubles
i know, certainly
like all treasures of the world
these will fade away
to be abandoned
for newer shinier trinkets
yet i treasure them
while their novelty lasts
is it silly of me?
ought i not to harbour them?
one day i shall meet him
who will gently take my hand
and my secret coffer
then place mine on his own
hand in hand
we pour them out on the earth
bury them where they belong
ashes to ashes
dust to dust.
so i wait patiently
with my secret coffer
for that one
who offers me
the most precious thing
a man can give
to a woman.

the stranger

Written 30/07/04 at 02:42 AM.

a stranger.
a mutual look.
curiosity, interest.
then you did it—
whipped out a cigarette
took a drag.
the black curtain falls.
i turn away.