Saturday, June 26, 2004


Written last year, or maybe the year before last. Inspired by the last guy I really liked (again). What a blessed fellow, eh? ;P

You smiled at me today.
Just for a while,
Lasted as long as it took for me to get to my seat.

For a few blissful seconds,
Everything around me
became non-existent.

The only things that are real?
You and me,
Smiling at each other.
Drawn close,
By a reflected expression.

I’m wrapped up,
In your smile.
Like in a cocoon.

I get to my seat.
In an instant,
The entire world reforms itself.

The caterpillar,
Out of its cocoon for the first time,
Is not scared.
It has grown to become a butterfly,
Equipped to cope with the challenges of the world.
Yet it never forgets its cocoon.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Some Descriptive Prose...

Can't remember when this was written...maybe in '01. I'm actually the 'she' in the prose, recording what I observed one evening in a third person narrative. I was feeling a little sad and detached that day.

Looking out of her window into the evening sky, a cool breeze greeted her and she saw that the huge, voluminous, puffy clouds in the sky were lined around the bottom edge with reddish pink. She wondered why, and remembered the time she saw a red moon. She thought that if her arm was long enough she could reach out and touch those clouds, they looked so near. She watched as the wind, like a loving mother, gently led the pink-red clouds away.

* * *
Written on the same day?

She heard the sound of happy children from her window, even though she was eight floors above the ground. She looked down, saw laughing, clapping children. How carefree they are, she thought. Then she looked up at the night sky and was pleasantly surprised. The black night sky was dotted here and there with stars, like diamonds on velvet. She didn't think she hazd ever seen so many stars in the Singapore night sky before. It prompted her to sing, "I can feel the magic in the air......" and hum the rest of the line which she had forgotten the words for. It was incredible that this starlight was coming to her from thousands, millions, maybe even billions and more, of light years away.

* * *
I never had a dark red I guess this was partly imagination. Did I really cry? I can't remember. But I like the comparison of teardrops to stars. =)

She stared out through the window into the velvety black sky. It was a starless night, but a meager sliver of pale moon hung high in the sky. She did not bother to wipe away her tears as they fell; lit by moonlight, twinkling and sparkling like stars, onto the dark red carpet, ghostly black in the dark. It was as if the stars had slipped from the frictionless velvet of the night and had fallen through her window. Stars that made damp dark patches like miniature black holes on the carpet as the fibers absorbed the moisture.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Questions on Love

Written 30th May

Have you ever felt absolutely stupid for caring too freaking much?
Even though there is nothing wrong with caring, you know
Because you care, it matters if it’s not reciprocated.
And you feel like a pathetic fool for caring…
for the times you were selfless,
for the times you cared expecting
(Consciously or not) Some return.
Still, what is wrong with caring?
What is wrong with loving?
Can you help it?
Can you not care?
Can you not love?


And so you go on berating yourself
Because your heart feels what the mind resists.
Yet, isn’t love about not counting the cost?
To empty yourself and not desire return?