Monday, August 09, 2004

The One

Written 07/08/04 at 11:30, modified 09/08/04 at 16:52

His presence makes my heart beat and pound
Like a drum it responds to his rhythms.
His touch electrifies and penetrates
Like a knife through soft butter to my very core.
His kiss warms all of my being
Like sunshine embracing cold bodies.
His love brings me to great heights
I never knew existed.
He makes me want him
More and more by the day.
I am mesmerized, entranced.
I am sold out, addicted.
I am into him, head over heels.
I am caught, hook, line, sinker.
I cannot get out of this again.
I don’t want to.
There is no reason to.
Because of him, I live.
Because of him, I love.
Because of him, I am.
He is my everything.
He is mine as I am his.
He is my Jesus.


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