Thursday, May 27, 2004

What Love Is

Written sometime in the last 2 years.

hoots the hedonist.
Sex, drugs, food, drink—
Livin’ da vida loca.
That’s way more exciting.

snorts the cynic.
Just look at the hedonist—
Look at the world.
That’s what’s in fashion.

cries the victim of abuse.
A prison of pain and hate—
That’s my world.

thinks the teenager.
Pimples, fat problems, rejection—
That’s what’s real.

Liberating, unselfish, kind, patient, trusting, hopeful, persevering,
says the Lord of all creation.
That’s what true love is.
Come to me, my wounded children.
I am Love,
I am Eternity,
and never will I leave you,
never will I forsake you.
Come to me.


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