Saturday, August 13, 2005

Was it Easy for Abraham?

Written 13/08/05.

Was it easy for Abraham I wonder,
When God to him said,
Give me your son Isaac,
Lay him upon the altar.

My son - my treasure, flesh of my flesh,
To be burnt upon the altar!
That which God promised and gave,
Now to be taken away?

What sense, what logic!
Yet all life from my Father comes,
All good gifts, blessings to reap -
To a frail old man He promises sons...

So Abraham obeyed in faith,
And in that moment of surrender -
His son was his again;
He learnt the extent of God's love.

Did Isaac know like I do,
That come one day the Father Himself
Would give His own upon the altar -
His own treasure, flesh of His flesh!

It wasn't easy for Abraham,
And it wasn't for the Father,
Who knows the hearts of all mankind -
Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.

But even so the Father obeyed,
As did the Son.
And even as their hearts broke,
They broke the bitter yoke.

So to my Father I surrender,
Like Abraham to give my Isaac;
And to be the sacrifice myself,
Like Isaac upon the altar.

I wrote it under these circumstances.


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