Monday, August 01, 2005

My Love

Written 01/08/05.

He found me in the desert, Lost, alone, bitter and naked.
Come with me my love, I have everything you need.

I spat in his face and ran away,
Words that mean nothing to me!

He came to me day after day,
Standing in the distance.

No matter how far I tried to run,
There he would find me.

Yet never once did he use strength,
Never once did he use force.

That strength I only witnessed,
When too near me hungry beasts crept.

The walls I'd built around my heart crumpled,
Moved by his actions yet fearing his wrath.

Who are you,
What do you want?

He looked at me and smiled,
And the heavens opened upon me.

I am your friend,
I will never harm you.

I know your fears and desires,
What thoughts assail you in dark.

If you'll come with me,
A better place we'll go together.

I can't promise a smooth journey,
But I'll with you always.

Most of all you should know,
I love you as my own.

I took the hand he offered me,
Still trembling and wary.

But that hand so warm and safe and strong,
Melted all my fears and hate.

This is how far we have come,
He was right all along.

There were times I thought he'd left,
Only to realise it was I who had wandered.

He always found me once again,
Offered that same strong hand.

I am my love's and he is mine,
Now what more do I want?

Wrote this poem this morning after a very fruitful meeting with Jesus. =) It's been months since I wrote a poem!


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